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M Chokkalingam 0
Dec 31 2021 20:24

I have been buying organic products from this shop since 2017 and i found their products always being high quality one. I suggest people to buy from them to usher back a healthy life. Thank you

somasundaram 5
Dec 31 2021 20:26

very good one for organic food items and also nattu cow milk and milk related like as gheer, curd, butter.

Sujoy 0
Dec 31 2021 20:38

Very fragrant and pure ghee recived. All dishes made with this had a special flavour and taste.. Will buy again

Dec 31 2021 20:41

red rice flakes is good one from here. I suggest use that one.

Ganesh 5
Dec 31 2021 21:11

Am from Chennai and receiving products from Tirunelveli.Excellent Quality which makes happy to consume Natural products and food in daily life.Am not thinking of other shops after used to Annapurani Organic Store.Feeling completeness.I strongly recommend this store for our HEALTHY LIVING.Thanks a lot to the Owners who put Heartfelt Effort for the welfare of the Society through their business.God Bless.

Kanakasabapathi 5
Dec 31 2021 21:26

One place to buy all organic materials with quality

Saraswathy 5
Dec 31 2021 22:05

One of the daily customer recieving rice milk,ghee and palkova Great effort putting to satisfy the customer. And doing this for a social purpose with minimum profit.that can be visible from their delivered products.. this one highly recommended to all new ones who prefer organic products

Pavithra 5
Dec 31 2021 22:39

As a regular customer, I can assure that the products/items you buy here does not have any preservatives or chemicals added to it. It is purely organic and is healthy. You will definitely find the difference once you buy it, be it a ghee, milk or rice.

SenthilMurugan 5
Jan 01 2022 11:39

Congratulation for the next step ahead if possible, give the brief of main items as pop of menu in your display

Vijayalakhsmi 5
Jan 01 2022 11:42

Very good organic products. Iam buying all the grocery items for my home. The items they sell here are very pure and natural. Worth the cost

Jan 02 2022 08:08

We bought the organic products like ghee milk palkova panner aval etc from this shop quality is very good. Natural fertilizer only used in this organic products. Even though his profit is less importance given to customers satisfaction is the main motto and well wishers. In this speed world mostly used non organic items. Once we use the organic products regularly our healthy feel better. Once the government initiate to provide full suppot and important given the organic products manufactures and seller. Products cost cheaper and all are go to purchase organic products and assued healthy.Congratulations and thanks to Anna purani organic stores.

S kasi 5
Jan 02 2022 21:50

It is very good shop to have organic items....

S Lakshmi 5
Jan 03 2022 21:11

I am buying tea tree oil gel and organic soap for acne. It gives very good results for acne and skin problems. It brightens and clears skin of blackheads and works especially well for oily skin. This is the best quality product, which I have used.

Bindu Natarajan 5
Jan 08 2022 20:57

Since 2014 i m buying most of these products while in after shifting to Chennai..i am really satisfied to buy from thm....value for money..and genuine products i get..

aiswarya 0
Jan 22 2022 11:10

very good organic products.

rajes 5
Jan 23 2022 08:35

really amazing shop to purchase , thanks to elookads customer care team to suggest this shop

Raja 0
Jan 24 2022 13:58

Good natural product

parvathy 5
Jan 30 2022 22:04

i bought 5 liter natural coconut oil and mustard oil..they are really good and cheapest organic product price in Tirunelveli

Mathan 5
Feb 01 2022 12:42

good price in coconut

A Srinivasan 4
Feb 03 2022 13:38

One of the reliable and quality conscious organic shops in the heart of the city of Tirunelveli. price worth for their high quality materials. I will recommend others to shop once to experience yourself.

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